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Diva Session Instant Heat Tong

Diva Session Instant Heat Tong

Elite curls from a high performance tool.

The Diva Session Instant Heat Tong is a 32-mm curling tong with a ceramic barrel that's been hardened with nano diamond to make it tremendously durable. It's chock-full of other professional features too and has been built with the finest components and Diva's passion for excellence to create a truly elite tong.

The Session Tong's temperature can be varied between 80°C and 230°C using plus and minus buttons on the handle. There's a digital display that shows the actual temperature and the set temperature as well as an indicator light that shows when the tong is ready for use.

A clever memory feature means that the tong can remember the last temperature it was set to. Regardless of what that is, heat-up is so rapid you'll barely have time to wonder where you've put your thermal spray and heat recovery is instant.

Safety has also been considered, with a cool tip that stops you burning your fingers and a heat-resistant glove and heat-proof silicone mat included with every Session Tong. There's also an intelligent auto shut-off that turns off your tong if it's left unused for too long.

The Session Tong comes in stylish matt black with a 3-metre cord that'll keep your styling unrestricted and is compatible with international voltages for those overseas sessions!

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