Mizutani Spring Hopper

Mizutani Spring Hopper

Radically innovative scissors for expert hairdressers

Mizutani's Spring Hopper is a scissor unlike any you will have used before. A favourite with Manchester hairdresser Nicky Oliver, it has 3 crucial innovations in a radical design that takes time to master. However, when you do you'll be using these scissors with incredible creative freedom, in ways you never believed possible to produce world class hair designs.

Innovation 1 is the built-in spring under the pivot screw that actually opens the blades for you. By speeding up the blade movement, this little spring nearly halves your working time and also means much less work for your hands, so is great for those suffering from RSI (or who simply don't want to get it).

The presence of the spring would mean permanently open scissors were it not for innovation 2: a locking mechanism to keep the scissors closed when not in use. Not only is this a safety feature, but Mizutani have designed it so that the scissors can be locked and unlocked with only one hand, making it incredibly easy to use.

Innovation 3 is the complete removal of the thumb ring (what Mizutani call the "air ring"). This will let you use the Spring Hopper at all sorts of angles that other scissors can't hope to match (see picture below for an example). The only limit is your imagination.

All this innovation is built on a solid base of cobalt molybdenum steel for strength and durability and razor-sharp blades that can easily handle advanced hair cutting techniques.

The Spring Hopper is available in 6 inches only.

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Diagram showing one possible grip for the Mizutani Spring Hopper

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