Relaxed Plait Tutorial

Relaxed Plait Tutorial

Relaxed Plait Tutorial


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Messed-up pony plaits were all the rage at London Fashion Week AW14. Plaits are the perfect recipe for a carefree, ready-to-wear look. We witnessed everything from "elegantly feral" woven plaits at Kinder Aggugini to woven rope braids at Jean-Pierre Bragazna.

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So, for this look we're going to Giles SS14. Perfectly coiffed yet unkempt manes were displayed at the show.

Gentle quiffs with relaxed beach-ready side plaits are the perfect look to recreate as daywear. If you've never tried one, here's a simple tutorial and if your clients ask how it's done, here's a page you can point them to.

What you'll need

Get the look

  1. If your hair is freshly washed, pop in some Osmo Blowdry Potion to add a little volume whilst nourishing the hair. Then blow dry it.
  2. Next, with your head tilted upside down, sprinkle some Osmo Powder Powder into your roots and rub in rapidly to activate the hold.
  3. Section off the front of your hair and tie the bottom section up to ensure the hairs don't get caught.
  4. Starting from the back of the crown, moving gradually forwards, gently backcomb sections at the roots, but don't backcomb the ends of your hair!
  5. Once looking suitably like you've had an electric shock, gather the hair at the crown and push slightly upwards.
  6. Clip into place roughly using a few Kobe grips—don't stress if a few sections are missed, this adds to the final effect.
  7. Plait the bottom section of hair in a thick, loose plait. Uniformity is definitely not the aim here.
  8. Tie the plait an inch above the ends of the hair; finish by using the comb to tease out a few sections to give that worn-in look.

How to pull off the Relaxed Plait

Look, let's be honest, this style doesn't take all that much skill or courage to pull off. But you need to style it up in the right way to give yourself that edge.

Stay away from pairing the style with flippy skirts or floral prints, try wearing it with boyish-yet-tailored pieces. Luxe sportswear is still a huge trend; it has instant wearability with a high-end aesthetic. So, toughen up the stereotypically feminine braid with side-panelled luxe joggers in neutral shades and an androgynous white tank.

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