Hairstyles That Defined 2013

Hairstyles That Defined 2013

Hairstyles That Defined 2013


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As the year comes to a close we look back at the hairstyles that defined 2013. Here's our take on the statement hairstyles that defined a year.

What's your favourite look from 2013?

1. Big Bun

This year the high bun came storming into fashion, sported by Lilly Collins, it's effortlessly elegant and perfect for those who don't want to spend too much time on their hair in the morning. If you have a client who expresses a desire for an easy style which instantly dresses up any outfit, then introduce them to the high bun!

Stylist tip: Use a hair doughnut to give added volume to shorter hair.

2. Fringe

We love a fringe as they frame the face with just a small amount of maintenance. This year, the fringe taught us that it can be worn and cut in a multitude of different ways; light fringes being more bohemian, heavier fringes more cutting edge and choppy fringes being more fun and easy going.

Stylist tip: Try giving a fringe a curl with a large barrel brush to add some body and stop it looking flat against the forehead.

3. Go Short!

Following the premiere of Les Misérables, news of Anne Hathaway's radical haircut hit before the performance reviews had even reached the press. Sported by such fashion-forward celebs as Emma Watson, the pixie cut is a very feminine style that is still bold and distinctive.

Stylist tip: Once hair is cut so close to the root it will appear darker, giving you the opportunity to play around with different hair colours to add tone and texture.

4. Side Shave

First introduced back in the 80s, the side shave style has been famously brought back by Skrillex, and subsequently picked up by such celebs as Rihanna and Ellie Goulding. An androgynous and edgy look, this style suits both guys and girls and exudes confidence. It's a permanent style, as hair has to grow in again, so be sure that your client is really ready before grabbing those clippers!

Stylist tip: Remind your client that when hair is fully down this side shave is not always visible so can still lend itself to formal occasions.

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