Three Ways to Tackle a Negative Review

Three Ways to Tackle a Negative Review

Three Ways to Tackle a Negative Review


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Online reviews are so powerful! We all read them and everybody clicks on the 4-plus-star business on Google first, so protecting your hard earned online rep is essential. You've spent years putting in the leg work to deliver first class service and encourage those happy clients to leave glowing reviews and then it happens—a 1-star review to drag down your average. Here are three tips on how to handle it.

  1. Don't ignore it—a negative review, just sitting on your Google or FB page without response looks bad. Don't pretend it didn't happen, acknowledge it. Thank the reviewer and if there's no further feedback other than a poor star rating, ask for more information and tell them that you're open to hearing their views. If the reviewer has left their written feedback, then apologise that their experience didn't measure up to your usual high standards. Be quick about it too, as a long delay is likely to make you look bad and annoy the reviewer further.
  2. Move the conversation offline—try and move the interaction offline or at least in private as quickly as possible. Leave your name, personal email or number or invite the reviewer to DM you. Demonstrating that you are trying to engage the reviewer in a personal interaction also implies that you're looking for a way to address their grievances one-to-one.
  3. Call out a fraudulent review—if you think someone is being underhanded and simply left a low star rating to damage your business, then address it. Ask the reviewer for more details on the services they used in your salon and the days they visited. If all else fails reach out to the Google Business and Facebook Business teams. If you can show that the review is without merit then they may remove it for you.

At Coolblades our 4.9 Excellent Trustpilot rating is incredibly important to our business growth. The Coolblades team works so hard to make sure that customers get the advice and service they need. So, we know just how important those reviews are!

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