5 Ways to Make Your Salon Life Easier

5 Ways to Make Your Salon Life Easier

5 Ways to Make Your Salon Life Easier


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As the Christmas season hots up, take a moment to find ways to make your salon life easier, leaving at least a little spare time and energy for yourself! Here are our five top tips:

Fill your tank

Good nutrition and plenty of fresh water is good advice any time but especially during busy times. Meal prep ahead for the whole week or even better, use a great value fresh meal delivery service like www.mylunchboxmealprep.com and get them delivered right to the salon door. Ok, we know you will be eating standing up between the backwash and the colour dispensary but at least you will be well nourished and not surviving on half a Snickers and a litre of Coke.

Choose easy

All those colour clients heading your way can be tackled quickly with a foil dispenser that not only cuts but folds your foils ready for your comb, like the Procare Cut and Fold 100 Foil Dispenser. Avoid the laundry completely with Kobe Disposable Towels in black or white which are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, making them kind on you AND the environment.

Get organised

Juggling a bleach, a balayage and a toner all in your head can be tough. Stock up on these Coolblades Digital Timers to set and leave at the client's workstation to avoid mishaps.

Make clean-up simple

Take the heavy lifting out of cleaning between clients and at the end of the day with labour saving gadgets and products. The Sibel Hair Vacuum sucks in all the dust, hair and debris swept its way with amazing efficiency. It's quiet, neat, foot-operated and can take on the busiest of days without a hitch.

Mind your back!

You'll spend more time on your feet than off them between now and when Santa makes his drop, so make sure you protect yourself with a little restorative stretching. Just 10 minutes of simple yoga stretches a day will make a world of difference to your legs, back, neck and shoulders. Try one of Yoga with Adrienne's free short videos to keep you moving through to New Year.

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