Hairstyles For 2014

Hairstyles For 2014

Hairstyles For 2014


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2013 started a revolution with hairstyles becoming increasingly androgynous and trends adaptive for men and woman. Just think of the Rockabilly, an undercut that was rocked by both men, women and celebs such a Rihanna. The goods news is that 2014 will continue to lead the way for the borrowed boyfriend look so get ready to share hair-gel, scissors and even hair colour.

Futurist Pastels

2014 is going to the year of the pastels when it comes to clothing and the trend doesn't stop there. Instead expect to see pastel colours in accessories and what better accessory is there than a statement hairstyle in the must have season's colours? Think pretty in pink pastels and even blue and purple shades (just like your great grandma might have loved). The style is short, sleek and boyish because the colour should do all the talking. Fringes should be kept immaculate because an outgrown hairstyle this is not. Make sure you keep your hairdressing scissors super sharp and it's worth educating your clients in how to keep their fringe neat and tidy (and when you've done that, why not sell them a decent but affordable pair of hair scissors to do it with). And if it's time to replace your own then take a look at the full range of Joewell scissors for inspiration and some of the best Japanese metal money can buy.

Short and wet-look

The short and wet punk look is back! For ladies it's pixie crop gone rock with very short sweeping side fringe. For men it's still about the under cut but think slicked directly back and cut short on the sides. For both sexes texture and hold is important, this look isn't subtle and is suitably held in place with wet look gel like Wella EIMI Sculpt Force Flubber. Generally it's best rocked by those with straight hair but with the use of hair straighteners is accessible to all.


Technically just one for the girls but we couldn't not mention the must have style for 2013 that is set to make itself at home in 2014. The LOB (long bob) continues to be a hit in 2014 for its versatility as it's easily styled even by those with little time or interest in hairstyling. For 2014 the LOB will come with more texture, a few more layers to give it added volume and swing and will update the look for those of you who have been ahead of the game with this style in 2013. The wonderful thing about a layered LOB is that you can take the layers and use them to frame your clients' face shape. It's truly a hair style that suits everyone which is why so many celebs are seen rocking it.

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