Interview: Kelly White, Founder @ KMA Hair

Interview: Kelly White, Founder @ KMA Hair

Interview: Kelly White, Founder @ KMA Hair


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We talk to KMA Hair salon founder Kelly White about her inspirations, top hair trends and how to keep hair looking salon-beautiful.

With 20 years of hairdressing and styling experience, Kelly White is an experienced hair stylist with an eye for flair and a passion for providing personal service which leaves every client feeling gorgeous. Kelly launched Leicester-based KMA Hair in 2007 and has managed her bright, bijoux salon for the past 7 years.

So, Kelly, what inspired you to open your own salon?

After 20 years working in big salons I had just gotten so tired of churning out the same old hairstyles. It started to feel like a conveyor belt, with one client after another coming in and leaving with the same bog standard cut—and getting products sold to them left, right and centre in the process.

Forget creativity, forget personal style and forget the personal touch. That's what inspired me to open my own salon. I'm inspired by great hairdressing which is all about the individual—their taste, their style, their bone structure. Beautiful hairdressing shouldn't cost the earth, I'm all about great, affordable individual hairstyles and making sure every single client who comes to my salon feels properly looked after.

What do you think are the biggest hair trends at the moment?

I'm crazy about the short back and sides that a lot of young lads are working at the moment. It looks really retro and sharp. Brad Pitt's been trying to pull it off but it's just not working on a man of his age! I'd describe his version as "a bit slick Rick", yuck!

What common mistakes do you find people make when trying to keep their hair looking good and healthy?

People always underestimate the importance of regular trims—and I'm not just saying that because I'm a hair stylist! We put our locks under a lot of pressure and pain these days with straightening, curling, extensions, colouring, plus general wear and tear. All of this stuff really takes its toll on the health of our hair, causing split ends and flyaways. Regular trims every 6–12 weeks will keep styles looking sharp and barnets looking beautiful and healthy.

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