Maintaining Hair Clippers and Trimmers

Maintaining Hair Clippers and Trimmers

Maintaining Hair Clippers and Trimmers


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Clippers and trimmers are designed to work hard in any busy salon or barber shop, we expect them to perform day after day and they will, providing they are maintained well enough. Here at CoolBlades, the vast majority of the faults we find when we service the damaged hair clippers sent to us for repair are due to poor maintenance, with lack of oil and poor cleaning being the biggest culprits. In this post we offer some tips on how to keep your clippers in good condition that will keep them cutting well for longer

Both blades on a clipper are designed to slide over each other at great speed to ensure a clean cut. If they have dried up (i.e. are unoiled), the resulting friction will generate heat which will wear the blades out more quickly. Unfortunately this can also cause excessive stress on the motor leading to damage and even to the motor seizing up completely.

The 4-Step Plan

So what can you do as a stylist every day to ensure your clippers and trimmers are kept in tip-top condition? The following four easy steps should be followed every day, normally along with your normal salon cleaning routine:

  • Remove hair from the head of the clipper with a soft brush (if you have a very heavy cut this should also be done between clients).
  • Clean the blades initially with a hygienic spray to remove contaminations and shake the clipper to allow excess fluid to drain away.
  • Oil the blades with professional clipper oil made for the purpose. N.B. Don't use any other oil for this purpose as clipper oil is specially designed to withstand the stress and rigour of daily clipper use.
  • Store your clipper carefully, do not hang it up by the cable or wrap the cable around the clipper.

The Extra-Care Plan

The above daily routine should be enough to protect and keep your trimmers and clippers in great working condition but to make them really sing, here are 4 extra steps you can follow:

  • Check blade alignment weekly. Incorrectly adjusted blades can cut your clients and will certainly affect the standard of cut you are aiming for.
  • If you feel confident removing the blades or head unit on your clipper then this will let you do much more thorough cleaning. Don't do this when the clipper is plugged into the mains or if you're not totally sure how to replace the blades.
  • Power cables can become damaged over time, this can be frustrating but don't be tempted to make a temporary repair as this can be dangerous. Instead, send your clippers to an established repairer who can fit a new cable for usually a very small charge.
  • Regular servicing and PAT testing is highly recommended as both will prevent common faults and ensure that your clipper or trimmer remains a reliable workhorse and in a safe condition.

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