How to Keep Your Salon Chairs in Top Condition

How to Keep Your Salon Chairs in Top Condition

How to Keep Your Salon Chairs in Top Condition


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Salon furniture is one huge chunk of a salon budget and really takes a beating, so do what you can to lengthen the life of your much-loved chairs and follow these tips.

  • Clean your chair upholstery gently with warm soapy water and a soft sponge regularly. Making sure to dry down the chair afterwards. Try not to use any chemical and alcohol-based cleaners (even in the age of COVID) as they dry the material leading to cracking and splitting. Blue light sanitation wands will be much safer on vinyl and leather.
  • Check and retighten the bolts under your chair. Loose bolts lead to more damage to the chair, so keep a kit handy and get yourself into a monthly routine and tell your assistants if they find a bolt on the floor, don't sweep it up!
  • If your chair has a hydraulic pump to raise and lower it and it sinks, it may need a small amount of oil on the hydraulics. It's a two person job—a medicine-cup-sized amount of 10/40 oil is all it needs. Never tip your chair more than a 30° angle. If your chair judders as it moves down, then you have air in the hydraulics, so pump it up and let it go down seven or eight times, then do it again with someone in the chair.
  • Clean the stuff you can't see! Hair shards can be incredibly abrasive and built-up hairspray and product will absorb and retain dirt. If you leave the head rest off the chair, hair shards will accumulate in the tiny hole and stop the friction in the recline mechanism and the chair will not recline properly. Vacuum out any nooks and crannies regularly.

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