Fishtail Plait Tutorial

Fishtail Plait Tutorial

Fishtail Plait Tutorial


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The classic fishtail plait is one of the prettiest plaits around and looks a lot more complex to create than it actually is. If you've never attempted one before, here's a simple DIY tutorial that'll work for either you or your clients.

You'll need:

How it's done:

  1. You don't need to keep this look perfectly neat, but for the first time it'll be easiest if you detangle your hair fully. So the first step is to spray your hair with your chosen detangling product.
  2. Then, use the detangling comb to tease out any stubborn knots and calm down any flyaways—the spray will help to smooth these down too.
  3. Use the other comb to divide your hair neatly into two sections, in a straight line. Of course, if you want to keep the style a bit more casual just divide your hair roughly into two using your fingers to pull sections apart.
  4. Now, starting from the right section (although you can start on either side), pull out a small section of hair from the back right hand side (approximately 0.5–1 cm depending on desired thickness).
  5. oop this section over to the inside edge of the left section and hold securely there with the rest of the hair already on the left side.
  6. Repeat this motion but drawing a section of hair from the back of the left section and pulling it into place in the right. The first bit can be bit fiddly but once you've got the first few bits secured the rest will begin to slot in nicely in parallel.
  7. Then simply continue weaving sections from each side over and securing until you reach the bottom, where you'll need to secure it with a hair bobble (or perhaps ribbon, if you fancy).
  8. To loosen the plait, use both hands to simultaneously gently tug each edge to remove uniformity of the plait. Weaving in flowers and multi-coloured thread in the summer gives a fun, ethereal look perfect for festivals.
  9. Finish off the whole thing with a spritz or two of hairspray or finisher to add a little hold but retain the natural movement of the fishtail plait.

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