Easy Wins with Salon Retail

Easy Wins with Salon Retail

Easy Wins with Salon Retail


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Let's face it, no-one wants to be sold to and none of your staff like to sell! Salon retail feels like an unpleasant chore, so here's our advice—just don't do it! Reframing your approach to salon retail will turn a struggle into an opportunity to extend your amazing service to your valued customers.

Your customers might not want to be sold to but everyone loves to shop. Creating a salon environment that showcases opportunities to buy is top of the list when it comes to building a positive retail culture in the salon. 

  • Clearly priced displays that are accessible, well-lit and clean will give your customers a way to focus their attention and their wallets on available retail.
  • Connecting your conversations to the in-salon offering by sharing information about the products that you use in the service, helps your customers to care for their skin, nails and hair between visits.
  • Carefully choosing ranges that can be easily gifted provides customers with a chance to solve a last minute present problem or just spoil a loved one.
  • Customers continue to shop even as they settle their bill, so don't forget those low priced products on counter displays for those irresistible impulse purchases.

5 easy wins

  1. Less is more—don't crowd shelves. Give your products space. Groups of odd numbers work better than long uninterrupted rows.
  2. Eye level works—think about where your customers spend time; seated in a waiting area, seated at the workstation, waiting to check-in. Put your best sellers centre front at eye level and add complimentary products to each side. Keep three or four relevant products on the workstation.
  3. Connect the dots—you know why your client's hair needs a volume product but do they? Share relevant information only and tell them why it works for them. Have take-away information and a price list to leave with your client because a "no" doesn’t mean never.
  4. Make it beautiful—enticing displays really do make a difference. Use your own shopping experiences to inspire you. Change up your displays regularly with seasonal themes (i.e. Easter, Christmas, Summer) which draw the eye.
  5. Pick up and go—gift sets, gift cards, mini-hampers, goody bags and countertop displays at the till all help customers scratch that shopping itch but make sure every item is clearly priced! Try the Head Jog Ocean Detangling Brush Display Box or the Wahl Grooming Travel Kit.

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