Wella Magma

Wella Magma is a superb permanent hair colour system that lightens hair up to 6 shade levels at the same time as colouring it. You use it the same way you would a bleach treatment and it's suitable for many different highlighting techniques, so it really lets you get creative.

It comes in a range of 7 shades, from a cool blonde through natural copper and brunette to intensely vital red.

The secret to Magma's amazing performance lies in its unique Oxyresistan dyes. These are new to the world of hair colour and resist traditional bleaching processes meaning that colour is actually deposited on the hair as the natural colour is lightened.

Wella Magma is designed to be mixed with Welloxon Perfect for best results. It's also important to use Magma Color Complete after treatment to stabilise the colour and lock the shine into the hair.

Wella Magma by Blondor

Wella Magma by Blondor

4 beautiful shades including Gold, Pearl and Intense Red with hundreds of other mixing possibilities.

Comes in a 120-gram bottle.


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Wella Magma by Blondor Post Treatment

Wella Magma by Blondor Post Treatment

The finishing touch for every Magma by Blondor colour service, stabilising colour and sealing shine into the hair.

Available in a 500 ml bottle.



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