Tondeo Hairdressing Scissors

One of the world's leading hair scissor brands, Tondeo have been making scissors in Solingen, Germany for over 75 years and are a byword for quality and precision craftsmanship.

Our range starts with the fantastic value Tondeo Spider Slice, available with straight or offset handles, in a choice of sizes and with either serrated or polished blades, and goes up to the beautiful and beautifully designed Tondeo Mythos (shown right). If you love Tondeo's hair cutting scissors, then you should check out our range of Tondeo thinning scissors and for left handers there's the Tondeo Slicy Classic Left.

Tondeo Zentao

Tondeo Zentao

Premium Line scissors with beautiful looks and a stunning design that saw them nominated for the Salonstar Awards.

Offset handles, ultra-slice blades and an invisible tension screw. 2 sizes available: 5.5 or 6.5 inches in either Black or Silver.



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Tondeo Left Classic Thinner

Tondeo Left Classic Thinner

Tondeo Classic Left Handed Thinner available in 5.25 inches.


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