The Best Affordable Colour Brands For Hairdressers In 2024

The Best Affordable Colour Brands For Hairdressers In 2024

The Best Affordable Colour Brands For Hairdressers In 2024


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Discover the best affordable hair colour brands for hairdressers and share top tips on how to save money on professional hair colour in 2024

The Best Affordable Colour Brands For Hairdressers In 2024

As a professional hairdresser, staying ahead of the curve isn't just about following trends – it's also about maximising your resources while maintaining the highest quality standards. The rising cost of living is stifling many salon owners and mobile hairdressers trying to stay afloat.

But there are things you can do…

Here at CoolBlades, we understand that, as a salon professional, it's important to strike a balance between excellence and affordability, ensuring both your clients' satisfaction and your bottom line.

Here, we'll be taking a look at the best affordable hair colour brands for hairdressers to help optimise your margins on your hair colour services.

Keep on reading to find out how…

How to Save Money on Professional Hair Colour

While Wella Koleston and Schwarzkopf Professional stand tall as the market leaders in professional hair colour brands, boasting prestige and long-standing reputation, other affordable alternatives can deliver the same exceptional results without breaking the bank.

Why not explore some of the alternative hair colour brands in 2024?

Here are some of our favourites…

Osmo Ikon

Osmo Ikon is an advanced permanent colouring system that replenishes and restructures the hair, delivering moisture, shine and long-lasting colour.

Why choose Osmo Ikon?

  • Vegan-friendly range of permanent hair colour.
  • Blended with Micro-Connective Technology, Chia Oil, and Tamanu Seed Extract.
  • Offers multi-dimensional shine and impeccable results from start to finish.
  • Choose from 81 mixable shades across 19 tonal families.

Where you can save money

Did you know you can buy TWO Osmo Ikon tubes for the price of just ONE Wella Koleston tube?

That's double your product for half the spend!

At CoolBlades, we also have a special offer: buy 8 Osmo Ikon tubes for just £30.

That's as low as £3.75 per tube! (Usual price £3.99 ex VAT).

It&ly Aquar&ly (Aquarely)

Aquar&ly (or Aquarely) is so simple to use that It&ly named it after the Italian word for watercolour, Acquerello.

Why choose It&ly Aquarely?

  • It is formulated with intense micro-pigments that penetrate deep into the hair but only require a partial opening of the cuticle.
  • Low Ammonia.
  • Gentler on the hair.
  • It contains hydrolysed wheat proteins and a coconut oil base, which leaves coloured hair feeling soft and silky.
  • 100% grey coverage.

Where you can save money

You can buy any 12 It&ly Aquar&ly tubes for the price of 10, making the average price of this professional hair colour a very pocket-pleasing £4.79 per tube! (Usually £5.75 per tube)

We also have a FREE Aquar&ly developer offer!

Buy any 18 It&ly Aquar&ly tubes, and we'll add an Aquar&ly developer for FREE.

The 20 vol (6%) is added by default, but don't worry; you can change this in your basket if you’d prefer a different strength.

Kobe Cream Peroxide

Did you know that we have our own range of salon-quality peroxide for hairdressers?

As we get our Kobe Cream Peroxide straight from the manufacturer, we can pass on any discounts to you directly to help you save money.

Why choose Kobe Cream Peroxide?

  • It is enriched with mineral oil and features a luxuriously thick, creamy consistency that effortlessly blends with ALL hair colour brands.
  • Perfect for use with semi or demi-permanent shades.
  • Delivers a natural-looking finish, appealing to clients seeking a temporary colour change.
  • Available in seven strengths: 1.9% (6 vol), 3% (10 vol), 4% (13 vol), 6% (20 vol), 7.5% (25 vol), 9% (30 vol), or 12% (40 vol).

Where you can save money

At CoolBlades, you can SIX bottles of Kobe Pro Peroxide and pay for only 5.

Mixed orders are allowed, and the cheapest bottle is FREE!

By comparison, choosing our super versatile Kobe Peroxide can save you £5.23 over Indola Professional Cream Developer and £8.51 over L'Oreal Professional Oxydant Cream Peroxide, both of which you can only use with the same brand of hair colour, respectively.

Why limit yourself?

Six ways to save money on salon professional hair colour

Now that we've taken a look at some of the more affordable professional hair colour brands that are available to buy at CoolBlades, here are six more ways to make a saving this year!

1) Bulk Purchases

As we have already touched upon above, always explore bulk purchasing options. Buying in larger quantities often comes with discounted rates, allowing you to stock up on essential colours at a lower cost per unit.

2) Discount Programs

Take advantage of loyalty programs, discounts, and promotions that provide incentives for regular purchases or discounts on bulk orders, helping you save significantly in the long run.

3) Training and Education

Invest in continuous training and education to refine your skills and techniques. By mastering efficient application methods and colour mixing, you can minimise product wastage and achieve optimal results with less product, ultimately saving money in the process.

4) Minimise Product Waste

Implement strategies to minimise product waste during colour application. Accurate measuring, precise mixing using digital scales, and careful application techniques can help you use colour more efficiently, ensuring you get the most out of each product.

5) Strategic Pricing

Review your pricing structure to ensure it reflects the cost of materials while remaining competitive in the market. Consider offering package deals or discounts for clients who opt for multiple colour services to incentivise higher spending while maximising your profit margins.

6) Kit Maintenance

Regularly maintain your colour application tools and equipment to prolong their lifespan and prevent costly replacements. Clean brushes, bowls, and applicators promptly after each use, and invest in high-quality tools that are durable and built to last.

At CoolBlades, we are dedicated to helping salon professionals like you thrive in their businesses while helping you save money without compromising quality.

As we always say, look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves!

We are a family-owned business founded by a professional hairdresser of over 30 years, so we know how important it is for you to keep your business profitable while providing a fantastic service for your clients both new and old.

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