5-Step Plan for a Perfect (Fake) Tan

5-Step Plan for a Perfect (Fake) Tan

5-Step Plan for a Perfect (Fake) Tan


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We know the tanning professionals amongst you already know this, but for those of you more focussed on hair, nails, lashes and all the other gorgeous things that our customers do for their customers, here's a handy guide to getting your skin to the perfect bronzed hue for a big night out or indeed any occasion.

You'll need:

  • Exfoliator brush
  • Exfoliating body scrub
  • Moisturiser
  • Buffing mitt
  • Instant tan

The 5-Step Tan Plan

  1. So, if we're talking sunkissed pins here, you need to wax or shave well in advance. Don't go putting on all that tan perfectly and wax sections of it off! Do it 2-3 days before.
  2. For a few days before you tan, exfoliate religiously. Every time you shower use a product like Crazy Angel Halo Polish Body Scrub, focussing on difficult areas like kneecaps, ankles and elbows, and use a dry brush to exfoliate further if you wish. This creates a perfectly even base for tanning.
  3. 2 days before your night out, get your skin moisturised and then start to apply your tan using a quality self-tan like Crazy Angel Tanning Lotion which will build a slow, rich tan and nourish the skin. Make sure you choose a shade that's appropriate for your natural skin tone.
  4. It's event day! How's your tan looking? If you're still looking relatively ghostly, apply one more layer of gradual tan in the morning but be sure to wash if off late afternoon to prevent evening slippery-ness. Crazy Angel Fast Acting Liquid Tan is great for a rapid boost and develops for 6 hours after application into a deep, natural-looking tan.
  5. If you're feeling particularly artistic, shade in the contours of your body across shoulders, collar bones etc. just using an everyday bronzer.

So that's great if you've got the time to plan your tan, but what about those last minute events when tights are out and pastey-white legs are just not a good look under your favourite LBD? Don't panic! You can still get your tan on in two simply steps. Just make sure you jump in the shower, exfoliate thoroughly and use a Buffing Mitt to apply a generous, even layer of Fast Acting Liquid Tan. You'll be a bronzed beauty by dusk!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tan successfully, but it still seems to trip up most of us. The most important things to remember are: exfoliate those problem areas (including that weird armpit skin area—does anyone even know its name?—that will catch you out no doubt), remember to use a mitt and be sure to choose the appropriate shade of tan for yourself.

Oh and don't keep just slathering on the layers, ladies. Layers may be good with clothing, they are definitely NOT good with tanning!

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