Twiggy With A Twist Tutorial

Twiggy With A Twist Tutorial

Twiggy With A Twist Tutorial


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We're all familiar with the famous "Twiggy eye" (see our post on Paris Fashion Week if you're not). We're also all familiar with what a "smokey eye" is. But have you ever considered putting the two together to create your very own Twiggy eye with a twist? Well, now's your chance!

We've put together a make-up tutorial for those nights when you just really want to stand out from the crowd. The look resembles a 60s Twiggy-esque design with a modern edge. But be warned, to get the look you'll need two things: patience and a steady hand.  So if you have neither, grab yourself a friend that does and ask them kindly to practise their impressive beauty skills on you.

What do I need?

  • Liquid eyeliner;
  • Gel eyeliner (and brush);
  • Dark grey eye shadow (and brush);
  • Eyebrow pencil;
  • Pale/nude eye shadow;
  • Thickening mascara;
  • Moisturiser;
  • Optional: false eyelashes, highlighter, primer.

Got it! So how do I do it?

  1. Prepare your skin with a base as you normally would; apply moisturiser and primer if your skin needs this kind of care. Alternatively, just apply a light layer of foundation around your eyes and on the eyelids to even out skin tone.
  2. Use a touch of pale eye shadow to brighten up any dull areas—try dabbing it over your eyelids and just below your brow line to open up your eyes.
  3. To achieve the gorgeous super thick lashes in this look, apply a base layer of mascara before you start the rest of the eye make-up. This allows the initial coat to dry so it's easier to add further layers on top creating that lengthened effect of the 60s.
  4. Use a liquid eyeliner (the finer the better) to draw a solid line, beginning from the inside corner of your eye to the outer edge, finishing with a gentle cat flick. The more of a down turn you make this flick, the more you'll look like you've just stepped out of the 60s!
  5. Next, either use your finger or a small eye shadow brush to delicately smudge dark grey shadow around the contour of your eye socket (see image). Don't put it directly onto your eyelid; the contrast between the nude skin and smoky eye gives that real 60s feel.
  6. Now, the tricky bit. Using gel eyeliner and a fine brush, trace the iconic 60s sweep above your eyelid, starting at the inner crease and sweeping the finish out at a 45-degree angle from the outer corner. If this is a little messy, don't worry too much. You can always make it work as a sultry look by blending the line in with more dark grey shadow.
  7. Once you’re happy with that, add another layer of mascara and fill in your eyebrows as normal. Don't go too dark with your brows though, as the eye make-up is so heavy in itself you don't want to risk looking drag! If you want to set your eyebrows try using a basic clear mascara.
  8. Now for the second tricky bit (sorry!). Reverting to your original liquid eyeliner, create those typical 60s sweeps on your lower lash line. If you want to change things up, don't use basic straight, evenly separated lines; instead go for a softer motion almost resembling gentle feathers. It just adds that little something extra.

And you're done! You might want to highlight your eyebrow arches with a highlighter if you have one or finish the look off with false lashes, but there's really no need. It's certainly a bold look that needs a bit of bravery to wear out, but would really top off a look that has slight 60s undertones. We say take a brave pill, go full throttle, and embrace the decade of peace and love!

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