5 Ways For Hair Salons To Go the Extra Mile In Customer Entertainment

5 Ways For Hair Salons To Go the Extra Mile In Customer Entertainment

5 Ways For Hair Salons To Go the Extra Mile In Customer Entertainment


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A visit to the local hairdressing salon or barber shop used to mean coffee or tea and a magazine, getting your hair done was seen as just another thing on the To Do list. Today however, getting your hair cut, coloured, or styled is seen as an essential self-care ritual, a chance to escape the stresses of day-to-day life and be pampered for an hour or two.

In response to this hair salons have had to reposition themselves as a place to go to be spoiled and pampered so that you look and feel amazing. Successful salons now offer an all-round service experience to their clients, young and old.

We've put together some examples of the additional services offered by salons that are keeping their customers happy and coming back for more. Competition can be fierce so standing out from the crowd is crucial.

1. Drinks and Snacks

Image Source: Jo Hansford Salon

As well as the traditional tea or coffee options, many hair salons throughout the UK are offering a wider variety of drinks and some even have snacks available. This is fantastic if your client has come to you straight from work or during their lunch break. Now clients can get herbal teas, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, smoothies, fruit juices, and even wine and bucks fizz with a side order of nibbles.

Some salons have even added a small kitchen and bar to offer their customers something special during their treatment. The Jo Hansford Salon in London offer their clients a selection of drinks and snacks to accompany their pampering.

2. Additional Beauty Treatments

Image Source: Richard Ward Hair

Offering additional beauty treatments, such as manicures, pedicures, and foot massages while your client is waiting for their colour to develop is proving extremely popular. Some salons will even have a qualified beauty therapist on hand to redo their client's make-up, making sure that it looks as good as it did when they walked through the door.

Clients love the idea of leaving the salon looking top-to-toe gorgeous and feeling like they've been totally pampered. This is also a great way to cross-sell beauty treatments that may already be provided at a discounted rate, many salons find this a hugely effective way to fill the white space any in-salon beauty therapists might have.

Richard Ward Hair in London offers additional beauty treatments during hair appointments through their Metrospa brand. Ted Gibson offer their clients in New York the option to have their make-up touched up before they leave the salon.

3. Group and Pamper Parties and Packages

Offering group and pamper party packages and events is a great way to make hair salon appointments fun, they're also fantastic to show off new products and services being offered. Salons across the country are successfully offering pamper parties, including hair, make-up, and other beauty treatments such as manicures and pedicures.

These are proving especially popular for birthday parties, hen parties, mother and daughter pampering, and themes such as Valentine's Day, Christmas party season and New Year's Eve preparations.

4. Children's Hair Rooms

Many parents talk about the frustration felt when it comes to trying to get their young children to sit quietly and get their hair cut. To reduce the drama salons have begun to incorporate child friendly areas where younger clients can be kept occupied while a stylist cuts their hair.

Examples include stickers and entertainment on the mirrors, special children's hairdressing chairs, and access to special drinks and snacks such as popcorn and chocolate milk. This not only makes the stylist's job easier but also offers a better experience for parents too.

5. Televisions and Games Consoles

Image Source: Rude Grooming

For teenagers and young-at-heart adults, there are some salons offering the latest in gaming and television entertainment. Perfect for children waiting for their parents while they get their hair done or for teenagers having their hair coloured.

Rude Grooming barbers in Middlesbrough have successfully incorporated televisions and games consoles into their popular salon.

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