Olivia Garden

Unleash your creativity and stay on top of the year’s hottest hair trends with Olivia Garden, a brand synonymous with exceptional quality and functionality. At CoolBlades, we offer a vast selection of Olivia Garden hair brushes, known for their innovative design and continual product development.

Our range of Olivia Garden products, available at competitive prices, includes brushes in sizes from 16mm to 53mm, ensuring you have the perfect tool for every client and style. Olivia Garden’s commitment to designing and developing professional-grade hair brushes, combs, and accessories sets them apart in the industry.

Their products not only boast stylish aesthetics but also feature an ergonomic design to minimize hand fatigue, enabling you to style your clients’ hair with ease and speed. Choose Olivia Garden at CoolBlades for a seamless styling experience.

Olivia Garden Essential Blowout Classic Range

Olivia Garden Essential Blowout Classic Range

Olivia Gardens Bestseller, the Essential Blowout Classic Brushes.

Available in 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm and 55mm or a set of all 5.



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Olivia Garden Pro Thermal Brush

Olivia Garden Pro Thermal Brush

A fabulous range of maxi-vent thermal radial brushes that each come with a removable sectioning pick.

Available in 16 mm


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