Cleaning & Oiling Clipper Blades with Wahl

Cleaning & Oiling Clipper Blades with Wahl

Cleaning & Oiling Clipper Blades with Wahl


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Top clipper brand Wahl provide expert guidance to keep your clipper blades running smoothly and lasting longer.

Top Tips: Do not immerse in water! Never use solvents or abrasives.

Clean blade with brush

After each use brush the hair from the blades. Brush in the direction of the arrow. Hair can accumulate between the blades, if this happens you may need to remove them.

Spray blade with hygienic spray

Once free from hair, use Wahl Hygienic Clipper Spray. This is important when the clipper is being used in a professional environment to prevent cross contamination. Wipe the blade with a soft slightly damp cloth to remove any excess.

Oil blade between cuts

To maintain cutting quality, oil the blade after each use. Always use Wahl clipper oil on the blades. Put three drops of oil on the teeth of the blade and two on the back of the blade.

Work oil through blade with taper arm

If the clipper has a taper arm, move this back and forth to work the oil through.

Turn on clipper to dissipate the oil

If there is no taper arm, turn the clipper on for a couple of seconds to dissipate the oil.

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